Wow!!! Best Practices…

WOW!!! Best Practices…..

Will and I had no idea the impact being recognized as a Best Practices agency would have on us and our office. If you’re not familiar with Best Practices it means that we have been recognized as one of the top performing agencies in the country. The study measures our operational performance of nominated agencies against industry and business benchmarks. Just being nominated and taking part in the study has been very prestigious for us. In Michigan alone there were only 8 agencies who received this high honor.

When we submitted all of the required information we had prepared ourselves mentally that we probably wouldn’t receive it. We spent the next couple months with our noses to the grindstone doing what we do best…selling and servicing our clients! A few months later an email was sent letting us know we had been selected!! We were elated and couldn’t believe it!

Two weeks ago we attended the Best Practices Symposium where we listened to various speakers and engaged in round table discussions with our peers. We spent a lot of time discussing the state of the insurance industry, recruiting, hiring, managing, leading and equipping ourselves and our agencies with the best staff. We had discussions about working with various generations and learning styles. We spent time also learning from agencies similar in size to ourselves and also some larger and then much larger too. It was so much fun being able to pick people’s brains on what worked and didn’t work and why it didn’t work. The relationships that we formed with our peers were also amazing! It’s so nice to have other agency owners that you can bounce ideas off and share with that you can commiserate with whn en you need to! By the end of the two days we were exhausted! It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of running the agency that at times we forget to reach out to others. The symposium reminded us not to get too bogged down. It also reminded us that we really need to celebrate our success! Now we need to catch up on our reading as we’ve added more titles to our list!!

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