Light it Up….We’re on Fire!

Light It Up…We’renon Fire!

You may have missednour posts and videos and if you did go check them out on our Facebook page.We are lighting itnup on Saginaw Highway as you are heading toward Park Lake!Keep an eye for itnbefore the light at the intersection of Saginaw Highway and Park Lake.

Will has reallynwanted a sign in the back of our property for quite some time and I’ve been thenfun sucker I know right me the fun sucker!!Who knew?!I felt like therenwere other projects that needed our time and attention more than a sign for thenback of the building. So, Will has been quietly waiting andnpining for this sign. He would tell me all the time that hencouldn’t wait to get this sign so he could see it from his office.

Now for those of younthat read my blog regularly you will know we just did a big remodel project andnWill has now moved offices. So now he can’t see the sign from hisnoffice ?

Once we knew thatnCostCo was going to build less than a mile from our office the time seemednright! You see our building backs up to Saginaw Highway one of the main ways tonget to CostCo. We were able to get our hands on some data on the number ofnimpressions that a sign would generate especially if we designed the sign so wencould see it coming and going along Saginaw.The numbers werencrazy and such a big shift from where we were before CostCo.Since it was clearnthat CostCo was going to make a very large impact we worked with Paper Image,nTLC Tree Service and Johnson Sign Company as well as our friends at Sparky’snElectrical to get things moving.

Our first bignchallenge was to get the permit from the City of East Lansing and to see whatnrestrictions if any there would be to put a sign advertising our business onnour property. There are clearly size restrictions asnwe learned so we maximized the space and was able to have Paper Image create anfantastic design for us given the size constraints by the city. Next we needed tonpick the best place in the back of our building to put our sign so it would benvisible on both sides. This meant that we needed to cut downnand clean up some trees. TLC Tree Service worked their magic andnnow the sign is clearly visible from both sides of Saginaw Highway.We worked withnSparky’s to trench and do all of the electrical.They sure do lightnup our life!

Johnson Sign Companynhelped us to help bring all of the creativity that Paper Image had created fornus into a physical sign that we could see, touch and light up ?Bright and early ancouple of weeks ago like 6:15 AMish they were here in the cold hanging ournsign!

The first night thatnthe sign lit up we were pumped! We want you to see it so now whennyou’re driving by take a look! It’s the only business sign before thendigital sign on the corner of Park Lake and Saginaw Highway.If you want to seenit now check out our Facebook page and go to our Videos.You won’t miss it!

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