Road Trip Ready…Part 1

Road Trip Ready….Part 1

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Michigan and you decidenit’s time to take a road trip. You’ve got a cooler ready with snacks andndrinks, some blankets, your favorite book, chargers for your phone, sunscreennand bug spray too and all of your bags. Before you hit the open road there’snone last think you should make sure to check out and it’s our summer drivingntips!

#1-Make sure you have kept up on the regular maintenancenof your vehicle.

The last thing you want to do is be stranded and/or brokendown somewhere especially someplace that may not be safe. Did you add roadntrouble service to your vehicle so that if you do break down you have towingnavailable? Take a minute to give us a call before you leave and we can check onnthat for you!

#2-Get your oil changed!

If I your oil change place is like mine they not onlynchange my oil but they check my tire pressure, my battery, the hoses and belts,nfill up my washer fluid and can put on new wipers, they check all of the fluidnlevels, all of my lights etc. This is the best especially if you are taking anlong road trip!

These are just a couple of tips to get you road tripnready. Stay tuned for more! We hope you have a fantastic road trip! Stay safe!#teammllins

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