What the Heck is OSHA Logs?

What the Heck is OSHA Logs?

What the heck is OSHA Logs and how does it affect me andnmy business? How much does it cost? Do I really need this? Is it just one morenthing to do or not do?

These are just a few of the questions that we get when wenmention OSHA Logs. Well, let’s start with the basics first and then we’ll startndiving a bit! So, let’s start with what OSHA is first and go from there.

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administrationnand an agency of the Department of Labor. It was signed into law in 1970 tongive safe and healthy working conditions for men and women in the states andncertain territories. OSHA was also created to protect workers from a largenrange of serious hazards and to enforce its standards.

OSHA also requires employers of a certain size andnindustry to keep records of serious work-related injuries and illnesses usingnOSHA forms 300, 300A and 301. The information recorded provides employers,nemployees and OSHA with data that helps them to implement worker protections tonreduce and eliminate certain hazards in the workplace.

Did you know that on July 1st OSHA required that certainnbusinesses submit their completed 2017 Form 300A? If you didn’t you know now!

We have a solution for you! If you are one of our clientsnwe can get you signed up for FREE with www.oshalogs.com.This is a secure, web-based platform where you fill out one form that createsnForms 300, 300A and 301 and First Report of Injury! You can do this all fromnyour phone, laptop or desktop! Did you make a mistake when filling out the formnthat’s fine correct it and all three 300, 300A and 301 forms are updated atnonce! You can then download, print or email these forms. This will save younloads of time and money. Once the forms are filled out they will notify us atnML & L Insurance so we can help you if needed.

OSHA Logs will also provide you with some pretty awesomendata such as:

-Incident rate

-Dart rate

-Loss time case rate

-Severity rate

All of stairs and more is offered exclusively by ournagency for our clients and is FREE to you. Our agency pays to offer this greatnservice to you!

This is just another way that ML & L Insurance ILnmakes doing business with us just plain easy! If you would like to learn morenabout OSHA Logs or you want to be signed up contact Will Lemanski in our officen517-351-9117. #teammllins

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