Sign up to be a Citizen Guardian on an Honor Flight Lisa Lemanski did with Talons Out of Michigan!!

In her own words Lisa tries to describe her experience as a community guardian with Talons Out Honor Flights!

I have had the privilege and the honor to spend part of Holy Week with some courageous men who sacrificed their lives for us and our country as a citizen guardian on an honor flight to Washington DC.  There are absolutely no words to truly describe my experience that would even remotely do it justice.

I will share just a couple of take aways that I’ve had after reflecting on my experience.

-I’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies on the US’s involvement in WWII, Korea and Vietnam but walking thorough these memorials and having the experience to see the war through our veteran’s eyes is indescribable.

-Hearing the sacrifices that our veterans have made for us and our freedom really puts into perspective what is truly important in life.

-Being able to share this with my brother and his veteran, Walt was also very special.  We took pictures of our grandpa’s that were WWII vets so we could carry them with us during our trip was a great way for us to pay tribute to them too!

-Being able to give these men the welcome home that they deserve and watching their faces as we received a police escort through DC and ran red lights, drove on the wrong side of the road, hearing the sirens, the motorcycle engines and watching their faces as they see the crowd of thousands of people welcoming them back and thanking them for their service with tears streaming down their face will always hold a special place in my heart and will be something I never forgot.

-One of the greatest things someone can do is to do goof for others and not expect anything in return.  After spending time with our veterans this is the epitome of who they are.

-Thanks you to Will, Marty DeBree, Ben Rathbun and Mary Gardner for coming to the Homecoming celebration at Wings stadium! You guys made this experience even better!!

The next time you see a veteran please thank them for their service.  We would be living our lives the way we do today without their selfless act.

Lasting, thank you to my veteran, Dave for letting me accompany you all day on your last mission! You are truly an American hero!  Thank you also to Talons Out Honor Flight for all that you do for our veterans! This organization is truly special!

If you are interested in learning more about Talons Out or writing a thank you to a veteran or donating check out their website:  https://www.talonsouthonorflig…

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