Sales Belt: Who Wants It??

After coming back from a competitive leadership training earlier this year where the prize was a WWE/MMA wrestling belt and knowing how badly I wanted to win it I knew this would be perfect to implement in our office!

Our sales team is filled with driven, hardworking and goal oriented individuals each wanting to hit their goals for the year. Plus, who wouldn’t want bragging rights each month and the ability to wear the belt around for the month?! I mean have you seen it! It’s pretty amazing and sturdy!

So we got to work with our local printing company and customer on creating a branded sales belt for our team. They were just as excited as we were to create this and start implementing it! When the belt was back from being created we received the best text ever! One of the printing company’s employees was modeling it for us.

We debuted the sales belt that day to rave reviews from our team. Next we needed to decide on the criteria on which to award the belt. Once we flushed that out with the help of some of our peers we were able to award April’s Top Sales Producer……drumroll please!!!!

JUSTIN MADAR!!! Congratulations on earning the belt for April. We are all very proud of you!! Keep up the fantastic job! #teammllins

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