ML&L Cares Program Spotlight: Love On A Leash

This year Will and I decided to implement the ML&L Cares: Trusted Choice for Charities program. What is this? Our agency will donate $500 each month to a local area non-profit that is referred to us by YOU our clients.

Just email with the name of the charity, a quick description and contact information for the charity.

The name of the charities that are referred to us go before our ML&L Charity committee that consists of a team member from our service, sales and management team and they select one recipient each month. The charities that were not selected stay on our list for the following month. The more times the same charity is referred the more weight it is given before the committee.

This month’s recipient is: Love On A Leash!!

Love On A Leash is the operational name of the foundation for Pet Provided Therapy. They are a nonprofit, volunteer, organization with insured and certified therapy pets who visit various places in our community. They visit hospitals, assisted living and mental health facilities as well as libraries, schools, senior centers and any place that welcomes therapy pets.

Therapy pets aren’t just dogs they have some cats, rabbits and a few birds which help to enhance the self esteem and healing of children and adults. They also participate in reading programs to help make reading fun!

Thank you for all that you do to help our local community!

For more information or to donate to this awesome cause click on the link below or email the Capital Area Chapter at

#teammllins #trustedchoiceforcharity

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