Interview with the NEW Sales Belt Winner….Will Lemanski

Interview with the NEW Sales Belt WINNER…..Will Lemanski


We’ve got a new sales belt winner for this past month….Will Lemanski.  We spent some time talking about his recent victory!  Take a minute to hear what Will has to say about his win!

Q: What made you successful this past month that you were able to earn the sales belt?

A: Building relationships with a number of clients has helped me to become successful as well as hard work and persistence with a couple of businesses that I have been talking with.  I knew we had a fantastic insurance program that we could offer them so I just kept being persistent and following up with them.


Q: What works for you in the sales process?

A: What works for me is being myself.  I try not to be that pushy sales guy and instead give my current and prospective clients my honest opinion about their insurance program.  I feel like people appreciate honesty over being sold to.


Q: What have you learned from your failures?

A: I’ve learned to not take things so personally.  A lot of times it’s a timing thing and in addition to that you can have the most knowledge and the best product but if someone isn’t ready to move it doesn’t matter.  It’s all about planting seeds.


Q: What words of wisdom do you have for your teammates?

A: Don’t let the small stuff get you down.   There will always be setbacks but look at the big picture.  You have to learn from your failures and appreciate your wins.  Good luck beating me next month….you’ll need it! Ha!


Q: Why is earning the sales belt so important to you?

A: It really isn’t! Honestly, it’s about the big picture and the wins everyday of helping our clients!  Insurance is complicated and I love being a consultant to my clients.


Q: What parting words do you have for us?

A: I’m always the sales champ.  You can take the dog out of the fight but you can’t take the fight out of the dog!


Thanks Will for all of your insight!  Congratulations on your win!  Stay tuned to see who are next winner is! 🙂

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