Hot Off the Presses: Will Lemanski

Hot Off the Presses: Will Lemanski

Now it’s time for the blog you’ve all been waiting for…the blog where I get to tell you a little bit about myself! I’ve been in the insurance industry for about 19 years now and am a 4th generation insurance agent in my family. I started as a claims adjuster in Detroit metro and worked there for about 2 years, handling auto and property claims. I then moved to Lansing and worked as a claims adjuster for auto accident injuries for 3 years. My claims experience has really helped me to understand insurance better. We basically just sell a promise, not a physical product…a promise for the insurance carrier to respond and pay if a covered loss happens. I have tons of claims and scenarios that I’ve been involved in over the years.

I’ve been here at ML&L since 2006, and will be coming up on my 15 year anniversary on July 10, 2021! What I love about my job is the people that I’ve got to know over the years, and cultivating those relationships. I love being the person that people go to with a problem and being able to help them out.

During my time at ML&L I’ve been really involved in our state association of insurance agents (Big I of Michigan). I’ve been involved with our association for about 12 years now, serving on the young agent’s council, board of directors, and now serve as the President of the association. It’s been great getting to see the insurance industry outside of the 4 walls of our office!

On a personal note I’ve been married to Lisa for almost 18 years now. We met at our first class at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids back in 1997. Sometimes we used to have classes together and would walk to class. I absolutely hate being late for things so I’d always stress that we need to leave extra early “to get a seat,” which drove her crazy, haha! It’s one of the many quirks that I have that she’s put up with over the years.

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