BOOM!! BOOM!! Boom!!! PEW!! PEW!! PEW!! Fireworks Season & Your Pets

BOOM!! BOOM!! Boom!!! PEW!! PEW!! PEW!! Fireworks Season & Your Pets

It’s fireworks season in Michigan and we have some great tips on how to keep your pets this holiday weekend.  Fireworks can be very traumatic for pets of all shapes and sizes.  Here are a few things to do to make it less stressful for you and for your pet.

1-Take your pets out for a walk earlier in the day.

2-Make sure windows and doors are closed.

3-Make your pets crates or favorite hiding spots easily accessible.

4-Keep an eye on your guests when they come and go to make sure doors and windows are closed.  Your guests may forget to shut all the way especially if they don’t have pets themselves.

5-Keep your pets in a separate, quiet, low activity room when having family and friends over for the holiday and give your pets distractions like toys and treats.

6-Make sure your pets are microchipped so if they do get out and are found they can be returned to you quickly.

7- Before you leave your pets outside after fireworks are over check your yard for debris!

These tips can help you and your pet have a much less stressful fireworks season!  #teammllins #petsandfireworks #fireworks #holidayweekend #holiday


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