Jump Around Jump Around!!

Trampoline Safety Tips

School is out for summer and your family, friends and neighborhood kids will all be playing.  We wanted to give you some trampoline safety tips for all your summer adventures this year!

1-Move trampolines away from fences, cement, hedges, trees, washing lines, other equipment or structures like sheds etc.

2-Don’t allow kids to bounce off the trampoline.

3-Don’t allow more than 1 jumper at a time.

4-Cover the springs, hoops and frame with safety pads to prevent kids from getting hurt.

5-Don’t allow kids to jump when wet.

6-Always have an adult present when kids are jumping.

While trampolines are so much fun most trips to the ER for children come from jumpers falling or colliding.  The “most common injuries are legs and feet (40%), arms or hands (29%), head, face and neck (20%) and shoulder or trunk (10%).”

Please take a few minuets to check out the trampolines your kids will be using to make sure they are safe.  We hope you have an amazing Michigan summer!


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