Auto-Owners Customers ONLY: Billing Service Fees Questions & Answers

Auto-Owners Customers ONLY: Billing Service Fees Questions & Answers

Recently Auto-Owners has made some changes to their billing service fees which has resulted in several questions.   We wanted to take some time to answer the most common questions in a  Q & A format to explain their changes in an easier way. If your insurance isn’t with Auto-Owners then you don’t have to continue reading ???? HA!

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact Auto-Owners billing at 1-800-288-8740 or our office at 517-351-9117.

Question #1: If I’m enrolled in Auto-Owners Customer Center does that waive the service fee?

Answer #1:  It does not waive the service fee.  The only way to avoid the service fee is to pay your policy/policies in full.


Question #2: Is the service fee waived if I’m on EFT?

Answer #2:  No, the service fee is not waived if you are on EFT however, it is reduced to $2 from $4.  If you pay in full you do not receive a service fee.


Question #3: If my policies are on separate billing accounts am I charged a service fee per account?

Answer #3:  Yes, each separate billing account would result in a separate fee per account.  Please contact billing at 1-800-288-8740 and they can combine your accounts into one account with only one service fee.  If you pay in full you do not receive a service fee.


We hope that these help you better understand the changes.  The biggest reminders we have are the following:

#1: The only time you don’t have a service fee is if you pay in full.

#2: If you have billing questions you can call Auto-Owners billing at 1-800-288-8740.



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