MLL Cares Program Spotlight: Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan

MLL Cares Program Spotlight: Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan

About four years ago now Will and I decided to implement the MLL Cares: Trusted Choice for Charities program.  What is this?  Our agency will donate $500 each month to a local area non-profit that is referred to us by YOU, our clients.  Just email with the name of the charity, a quick description and contact information for the charity.

The name of the charities that are referred to us go before our MLL Charity committee that consists of a team member from our service, sales and management team and they select one recipient each month.  The charities that were not selected stay on our list for the following month.  The more times the same charity is referred the more weight it is given before the committee.

If you have a charity you would like to nominate, email your nomination to!

This month’s recipient is: Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan   

Let’s take some time to learn more about Crime Stoppers.  Crime Stoppers is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1989 and completely funded by private donations, grants and fundraising.  All of the funds collected stay right in the Mid-Michigan area to help run the program.  The Crime Stoppers mission is “an alliance of the community, the media and law enforcement that aims to provide that helping hand by offering a reward based, anonymous tip line to assist in solving felony crimes.”

Everyday crimes are committed whether it’s at a local business or the loss of someone’s life at the hands of another or an assault on a women, man or child.  Law Enforcement works hard each and every day to bring the responsible party or parties to justice but at times everyone needs a bit of help and this is where Crime Stoppers comes into play.  We would hope that you are familiar with seeing Crime Stoppers on local TV stations but if not keep an eye out.

How does Crimes Stoppers work?

-A community member calls 517-483-STOP (7867) at any time.  If it is an emergency or time sensitive, Crime Stoppers asks that you call 911 or the police first and then call them back.

-The caller will give detailed information about the crime and suspects.  You don’t have to leave your name and they don’t have caller ID.

-Crime Stoppers takes down all the information and gives the caller a confidential code number this way everything is kept confidential.  The caller is asked to call Crime Stoppers back in a couple of weeks with an update and then from there the tips are passed on to law enforcement for investigation by the police.

-If the tip results in an arrest, recovery of stolen items, or illegal narcotics or a combination the caller can qualify for a reward.  The amount of the reward is determined by the Board of Directors and can range up to $1000!

We want to thank our client, Sarah, for bringing this awesome organization to our attention and we are happy to support all of the hard work that they do each and every day.  If you are interested in getting more involved with Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan, please see the contact information below.



Tip Line: 517-483-STOP (7867)

Mobile App Apple:

Mobile App Android:

Kroger Card: Once you are logged into your Kroger account, you can search “Crime Stoppers of Mid-Michigan (CSMM)” or TK001.  Remember, purchases don’t count until after your register your rewards card.

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