Did You Hear?? It’s ML&L’s Fall Maintenance Tips

MLL’s Fall Maintenance Tips!

It’s sweater weather but we know you’re ready for it and ready to check on your home so it’s ready to keep you warm and cozy this winter!  Take some time to take a walk around your property or properties to check this off your list!

  1. Reel in your garden hose!

Turn off your outside spigot and let any water remaining in the hose flow out. Remove any kinks, then rewind it for storage in a climate-controlled area. Excess water left in a hose through the winter can lead to the line splitting, bursting, or weakening.

  1. Gut your gutters!

Your roof’s drainage system has a tough job! Make sure it’s still up to the task by checking your gutters. Keep an eye out for clogs, rusting, and erosion – these are signs a replacement may be needed to prevent a flooded basement or damage to your home’s exterior!

  1. Review your roof!

Inspect your roof from top to bottom – be safe and use binoculars if necessary. Check for loose, damaged, or missing shingles, especially on the edges of your roof and around any vents or chimneys. A dripping disturbance can quickly become a disaster!

  1. Fortify your faucets!

In preparation for freezing weather, close any shut-off valves serving outside faucets. Open the outside faucets to drain the line, closing them afterwards. If you don’t have freeze-proof types, MLL recommends Styrofoam faucet covers, which are very cheap and can be purchased at your local Walmart! For in-ground irrigation systems, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for draining to prevent freezing and bursting.























  1. Freshen up your furnace!

Check to see if your furnace filter needs to be changed or cleaned. Simple monthly cleaning will decrease your utility bills and keep your home at a comfortable temperature more easily. MLL also recommends having a professional inspect your unit before regular winter usage. Screeches, whines, and general poor performance are signs you’re due for an inspection. Stay safe!
















  1. Scrutinize your safety features!
  • Replace or test your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors!
  • Inspect or replace your fire extinguisher! Check for dents, scratches, and corrosion. Fire extinguishers should be replaced about every six years. Check the pressure indicator, lock pin, and discharge nozzle for functionality!
  • Brush up on your fire escape plan!

Keep a clear space around heaters, furnaces, and other heat-producing appliance

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