What’s the Difference in Collision Coverages?

What’s the Difference in Collision Coverages?

We know that insurance can be intimidating and at times hard to understand. We get asked a lot of questions each and every day and we wanted to take some time to explain some of our frequently asked questions.  Let’s start off with the above question.  A lot of times people will call and tell us that they want “Full Coverage,” “Storage,” or “PLPD” not really understanding exactly what that means. So….”Full Coverage” on a vehicle means that it has liability coverages and physical damage too.  The two coverages that cover physical damage are comprehensive and collision of which you have choices as far as collision coverage is concerned.  The three types of collision are:

1.Broad or broadened collision or broad form collision. 

This collision coverage is the one that waives paying any deductible unless you are at-fault in a collision loss.  To break it down if someone hits you then you don’t have to pay!

2. Regular or basic or standard collision. 

This collision coverage means that you pay your deductible regardless of fault in an accident.  So, if you were hit in a parking lot or it was a hit and run type of loss you would have to pay. Now you can file a mini-tort claim against the at-fault party as long as you know who it is to help offset your payment of the deductible.  Our team here at the agency can help walk you through this process.  Often times we see clients choose this option because of the difference in premium between this and broad collision.

3. Limited collision.

This collision coverage is the lowest level.  You are “limited” to coverage only if you are not at fault in the accident that caused the damage.  There is also a larger difference in premium between regular and broad collision.

There are large differences in coverage between these three types of collision and they can make a big impact on you and your family given your selection.  Our team is happy to help explain the differences based on your insurance program. We are happy to educate you on the different selections we have available.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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